An Ode to the Humble Throw Cushion

Decorating with a throw cushion may seem like only a small part of the design process, but that could not be further from the truth. They may be humble in size, seemingly insignificant in stature and really just full of fluff, but the careful selection of their existence could elevate the status of a house to a home, enliven a living area to a cozy family space, and lovingly extract elements of a room that only a professional decorator could have achieved.

In order to fully harness the potential of these versatile little helpers, this set of tips will help you to appreciate their role in the design process, and enlighten you to use them to your full advantage.

To begin with, sofas have rightfully been considered as one of the most important pieces of furniture in any respectable home – They are where most cushions come to rest, and where we choose to seek comfort as well. A sacred space for us to spend significant time lounging, entertaining, reading, and, of course, napping, classic sofas painted in neutral tones and swathed in durable fabrics are very often the smart choice for a smart consumer.

Why is that? While the selection of durable fabrics is really just common sense (especially for homeowners with the intention to max out the mileage on a comfortable sofa), neutral tones allow contemporary homes to take on the role of a large blank canvas, providing unlimited versatile freedoms of expression to change accessories and accent with colours on a whim. While there should always be room for pops of colour in life, there are many other valid reasons to choose neutral colour schemes as the important centrepiece of a living space, and allow other accessories to become mobile accents with both flexibility and charm.

Using cushions, throws and textiles to dress up an elegant sofa are not only safe ways to inject pattern, texture, and colour, it is undeniably a fail-proof decorating technique. This is an area in home décor where you can be as brave, playful or reckless as you like, to no permanent consequence.

Very often, living rooms evolve into thoroughly grown-up spaces filled with carefully set coffee table books, angular edges and neat photo frames, sacrificing any childlike excitement over time. As Pablo Picasso wisely said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Take his advice by bringing a sense of whimsy into your everyday life by selecting decorative throw cushions that are also conversation starters.

Keep the aesthetics warm and playful with textured layers, or wild and informal with abstract art prints. No two cushions need to be alike, and these vibrant little helpers can quickly help to transform an entire room’s décor and deliver bold colour statements. Don’t shy away from experimenting and take the liberty to play with prints, themes, shapes and proportions, mixing and matching as you please, while making small but powerful statements in a home.

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