Vintage Light Bulbs – We Do Love Them

Vintage Light Bulbs – We Do Love Them

With a multitude of interior design trends emerging every year, decoration enthusiasts have come to acknowledge that these changes could be as quick and temporal as flashes of lightning. Are vintage light bulbs destined to fade into the past? We hope not because the effect that these bare bulbs give to our interiors is one of our favourite trends in years.

Interior design is ever-changing, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the newest suggestions from the industry. Evolution in décor trends become especially apparent when we review old photographs of home interiors from years past, and even from decades long gone. From the printed wallpapers of the 1970s to the velvet drapes and TV consoles of the 1980s,  some of these changes show us that interiors can be fickle, adaptable and even reflective to match social events and technological advancements.

There was a time in recent history when hanging a bare bulb light from a ceiling not only suggested a lack of decorative imagination but was also frequently used as a prop to signify impending doom or poverty on the cinematic screens. Thankfully, those days are mostly long gone and we have come to embrace the humble bulb as a more than welcome fixture in the design community, especially so after the creation of the Edison-style filament bulbs which have become symbols of industrial chic, achieving a level of adoration which ordinary light bulbs haven’t enjoyed in a long time.

The question is, what is the true appeal of these bare bulbs? Why have they become such a favourite of the interior design community? The truth may lie in the simplicity and classic shape of the bulb, a minimalistic form we have come to appreciate increasingly, or perhaps the growing adoration of industrial-inspired aesthetics that is not only edgy but utilitarian. Whatever the reasons may be, it looks like these bulbs are here to stay.

When carefully deployed, bulbs are not just for illumination but have the magical ability to transform a room from drab to fab. Good lighting is ultimately about creating layers of different effects, playing with angles, heights, downlights, uplights and highlights. From the bedroom to the living room, an exposed bulb has the flexibility to achieve an intended atmosphere because of the physical nature of the fixture.

When styling an exposed light bulb, it is best to begin by considering the intended atmosphere desired, as this will ultimately influence how it is positioned, arranged or accessorised.

An easy way to display exposed light bulbs is to suspend it with flexible cables from the ceiling, with the option to hang it singularly or to group them in an artful arrangement.

In order to create a polished and sophisticated presentation, a horizontal row of similar bulbs could be arranged in a straight and even line at the same height above a long dining table or a dramatic hallway. For a laid-back and more eclectic vibe, the bulbs could be grouped and staggered in layers by height and space, infusing a living room with visual interest and sparks of personality. For even more variety, experiment with different shapes of the bare bulb light. From the delicately named teardrop to the shapely pear, and the universally pleasing globe to unusual tube-shaped light fixtures, the hand-blown style and warm amber glow that these bulbs emit not only help to create the desired mood, they also exude an industrial charm like no other.

The modern-day Edison bulbs are also equipped with dimmers that not only serve the practical purpose of reducing energy consumption and extending their life-spans, they also allow for great flexibility when setting the tone and ambience within a space.

For even more creativity aimed at infusing personality into hanging bare bulbs lights, incorporate the use of colourful hanging cables that will instantly brighten up any display and fill the room with the desired effect. For a dramatic outcome, select a shade which drastically contrasts from the dominant tone of the environment, or pick colours that are complementary in resonance to the room to achieve a more cohesive visual conclusion.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when displaying and arranging bare bulb lights, these visually appealing and practical sculptural fixtures contain great solutions to creative ideas!

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