Behind the scenes at Banbayu: Indonesia

At Banbayu, we work with suppliers all over the world. Finding designers and craftsmen who share our appreciation for handmade products and our respect for the environment is just one part of our partnerships. Together with our suppliers, we ensure the finest quality ethically-sourced goods are built and reach their new homes with the care and attention they deserve. Here’s a look behind the scenes with one of our partners in Indonesia where the majority of products are crafted. 

Designing a product
Within a team of 50 locally-recruited people, there are several roles. Alongside managers, foremen and master samplers, full-time drafters create technical drawings who then work closely with the manufacturing and assembly teams to bring their creations to life. Once a technical drawing has been completed, attention turns to finding the most appropriate and sustainable materials for their designs.

Sourcing materials
Much of this supplier’s products are built with wood and only top-quality Indonesian timbers from sustainable sources are used. Every single piece of wood that enters production is tracked from its source to its final form and an independent organisation conducts regular inspections to verify the legality of the wood it uses.

The manufacturing process
The sole production site in Bali is divided into five buildings, each home to a different part of production. Once the wood and other materials have been collected, they are stocked and cut to size.

Next, the materials are assembled by a dedicated team who pass the assembled product to a finishing building where the final touches are put in place by hand. It is here that the item is sanded and sprayed with any decorative designs and protective coatings.

Finally, the product passes through to a warehouse where items are stored and loaded into secure containers ready to depart.

Ethical working

Every item, however small, is produced in a social, ethical and environmentally responsible way. The supplier works hard to create a motivated and happy team that can work in a clean and supportive environment. When recently discussing how the supplier encourages such working conditions, they said:

Do you know who are the most important people in our company? The cleaning boys. These guys make sure that the factory is clean. The carpenters do a better job in a clean environment as it’s easier to spot and correct any mistakes in a clean factory. The quality of the finishing is better in a dust-free room and at the end of the day, if we deliver our products on-time and without defects, our customers are happy. So making our customers happy is a team job that starts from the cleaning boys. Everybody in the factory has to understand and value the work of each other.

It’s sentiment shared by all of Banbayu’s partners, regardless of their size or location. You can read more about how we ensure the ethical sourcing of our materials or create an account and sign up to our newsletter where we’ll share more insights into our partners and products from around the world.

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