The Benefits of De-cluttering Your Home

As our lives in the modern world amplify in complexity, it is natural that we have an increasing yearn to break through all the clutter to find some elements of simplicity in our daily lives. Decluttering our minds and our homes is essential for coping with life's stresses.

In our diet of subsisting on increasingly dissatisfying emotions based on transient contemporary modes of communication like e-mails, texts, tweets, Instagrams and SnapChats, a growing desire to dedicate more time to break through the trivial jumble and to do the things we love while seeking greater inspiration in our encounters has become apparent.

Feng Shui

The Oxford English Dictionary defines clutter as ” A collection of things lying about in an untidy state”, and Feng Shui experts observe clutter as an obstruction to the flow of positive energy. However we choose to define the term, the truth remains that the existence of excess clutter could be relevant to our mental, physical and even spiritual health.

Physical clutter is a form of visual distraction and the truth is that everyone has some degree of disarray that they can do without. Regardless of how much there is, we can all benefit from getting rid of excess, whether its belongings we don’t need any more, haven’t seen in a while, or even items we have never used.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and there are many studies that show the intrinsic relationship between a disorderly living environment and its impact on our state of mind. Living in an untidy home can make it difficult to de-stress or decompress, and over time, chaos and confusion can deplete energy, sabotage efficiency, and ultimately lead result in a waste of time. Eliminating excess and creating a clean living space can help to reduce stress, improves focus and provide a sense of accomplishment.

The main benefits

One of the best benefits of decluttering includes enhancing a heightened sense of self-awareness and building a strong foundation for mental clarity. Time is the most valuable possession we all share, and removing unwanted and unnecessary items which previously had to be stored, cleaned and cared for means that we gain more free time to care for what’s important – Ourselves. The process of decluttering not only allows us to pare what we currently own to only what we use and love, it ultimately also helps us appreciate and value what we have.  A by product of this process means we might ultimately begin to think more about the value of our future purchases, holding the decision to a higher standard by becoming more selective about quality and the source of where things come from.

As Leonardo Da Vinci rightfully observed, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Make tidying a part of a daily ritual, and a home can be transformed into a safe haven to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. By paving the path from clutter to clarity, a wonderful feeling of freedom and accomplishment can be achieved along with a greater appreciation for our belongings and our money, leading to clearer and calmer minds.

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