Bringing Art Into the Home

Whether we realise it or not, art is everywhere, influencing us on a daily basis. It could exist in the form of paintings, sculptures, design and even music, surrounding us while making a huge impact on our moods and emotions.

The truth is, without being aware of it, we live in a world filled with art and are affected by it on a continual basis. Most people don’t fully comprehend how much of a role art plays in our lives and just how much we rely on these forms of creative expressions in all of its forms in our everyday lives.

A home’s interior design is truly defined by its details, but there is only so much a sofa can say about our tastes. What we choose to display can make highly personal statements about how we perceive ourselves along with our place in the world. Design elements in the furnishings we choose as well as the colours and layout of every room can be as cohesive and logical as we want, but the smaller and often overlooked facets of design including the selection of art are what really makes a home unique and vibrant.


art cushions and painting



Colour is the easiest way to make a statement in a room, and rather than undertaking a full interiors makeover, use textiles and colours that exude life, energy and passion to make an impact. Banbayu have curated a collection of cushions that tick these boxes and all with luxury and sustainability at the forefront of our mind. 

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Decorative Vases and Ornaments

Tribal art can be such a wonderful conversation starter - The joy that a habitual traveller has sourcing for unique items from different cultures around the world is priceless. With such a wide selection of tribal art, from inspired wooden decorative stands made in Papua New Guinea to Indian and Balinese goddess statues, imagine how such a unique ornament could elevate the atmosphere of any contemporary living space.

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Decrotive art, cushions and ornaments


Ceramic Vases

Skilled at expressing her sharp observations skills, humour and passion through the process of contemporary graphics screen printed directly on unique ceramic vases, Danish ceramist Elisabeth Laursen focuses on expressing elements of visual poetry - The Cirque Dancer Vase brings an essence of natural beauty to a living space and would surely also bring unlimited joy to a dear friend.

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Seashell Lamps

Handcrafted with nature in mind by local villagers from Surabaya, Indonesia, each seashell has been handpicked from the shorelines of the Java Sea and Indian ocean before being carefully sculptured by craftsmen into these beautiful lamps.

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Consider works by South African artist Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal, rightfully awarded the Spotlight Artist Of The Year in 2017 in New York. As a creative soul who also had the vision to develop his own painting techniques, his works are a pure expression of joy, energy and life, perfect antidotes to bring refreshed energy into a new year.

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 wall art

Wall Art

The art that you choose for your home is usually free from the constraints that you may have felt when selecting the colours for your walls and furniture in your home. It is your opportunity to be as irrational and eclectic with your choices as you wish.

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Remember that the existence of all kinds of art can affect our mood in a positive way, making us feel happier, calmer, and ultimately even inspire us to live better lives.

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