Copper Home Decor – The Comeback

Copper Home Decor – The Comeback

Copper, a 100% recyclable material with superior thermal and electrical conductivity, was once considered as one of the greenest materials for building and construction. Not only does it provide excellent corrosion resistance and require significantly low maintenance as one of the oldest metals on earth, copper tests conducted on 18th century roofs in Europe prove that it also has the phenomenal ability to last for more than 1000 years.

Before we dismiss copper as an unsexy material without any contemporary appeal, Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the world’s most distinguished modern architects, grandly specified and insisted that copper materials had to be used and included in all of his building projects.


Over time, drawn to the durability, natural beauty and soft reflective qualities of copper, contemporary product designers became understandably interested in celebrating the metal’s winning combination of aesthetics and functionality. With the increase in demand, copper successfully became the comeback kid which transitioned from being a modest building material into copper home decor and accessories.

As a humbler version of brass, and technically more malleable than bronze, copper has a natural iridescence which emits a glow when polished. The fact that the patina continues to evolve with surface contact is an interesting component for creative designers who are keen to maximize the depth and beauty of this medium.

When heated or oxidised, copper also has the ability to evolve into a wide spectrum of rainbow hues ranging from warm pinks and reds, to cool green and blue tones.

Whether you plan to redecorate a tired kitchen or have the interest to add some exciting accents around the house, the elegant lustre of this reddish-brown metal might just do the trick to be the perfect addition for a refreshing change. The endless range of possibilities to utilize copper at home are practically endless, from copper home decor in the living room to wall tiles and lighting fixtures in the kitchen, and bath tubs and sinks in the bathroom.

Taking a cue from architects who love the metal because it ages so beautifully, homeowners should relish in the fact that  the natural colour evolution of copper only lends character to this material. Untreated copper may not remain as immaculate as it was on the first day, but this vintage effect is yet another reason why we prefer the warm metal to cool stainless steel.

As an all-rounder with a metallic rusty sheen, it matches almost every shade of colour but doesn’t draw attention away from any existing décor, be it minimal or dramatic. From lamps to decorative vases in the living rooms to plates and bowls in vintage kitchen, it is a forgiving material that lends itself to all kinds of applications, the metallic qualities adding an edge to a space without infringing on existing decorations.

Whatever your style may be, shed some new light on your copper home decor with the beauty of this material. Beautifully crafted furnishings and accessories add a timeless elegance to any home, and are perfect for passing down through the generations.

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