Create A Sanctuary In Your Home With Heart Wood – Dulux’s Colour Of The Year 2018

For the last 15 years, colour experts at Dulux have predicted the colour trends that will influence interior decorating each year. The predicted trend for 2018 is Heart Wood, described as ‘a beautiful warm pink’. Dulux’s industry acclaimed trend forecasters comprise of experts from across the world, from a range of industries such as architecture to technology. They scour the globe to gain the insights required to predict emerging trends, based on the worldwide cultural climate. You can be sure that their predictions will start to make their way into interiors magazines and stores in the very near future.

A warm neutral ‘with a hint of heather’, Heart Wood sits between a smoky taupe and a dusky mauve. The colour is inspired by the warmth of wooden tones. The reason for this prediction? The experts believe that 2018 will be fast moving, unstable and unpredictable. Heart Wood is designed to remedy this, to turn your home into a sanctuary where you can get away from it all.

Rebecca Williamson, senior colour and design expert, said: ‘Dulux’s colour of the year for 2018, Heart Wood, is incredibly versatile and connects beautifully with the accompanying trend palettes for the year ahead. Providing the comfort and reassurance we’re all seeking, it’s the perfect antidote to the mood of the moment – channelling a real sense of calm and warmth during such times of uncertainty. We can’t wait to see homes across the globe transformed into true sanctuaries.’

According to Dulux, the overarching interiors theme of 2018 is ‘A Welcome Home’.  They state that: ‘As life gets faster, now is the time to choose to press pause. Our home needs to be a place where we can turn down the noise – shut the door on the outside world and step into a place that is uniquely ours. Our home needs to be our sanctuary, a space where we can all look forward to… A Welcome Home.’

Aware that the idea of ‘sanctury’ is different for everyone, Dulux has developed four colour palettes with Heart Wood as their base. These are:

‘Modern Style – The Heart Wood Home’ – Heart Wood is mixed with earthy tones, inky blue and charcoal for warmth and elegance.

‘Elegant Comfort – The Comforting Home’ – Create comfort in an instant by teaming Heart Wood with cocoa, clay and blush pink.

‘Relaxed Family Time – The Inviting Home’ – Combine Heart Wood with cool blues and neutrals for calming, restorative rooms

‘Playful & Dynamic – The Playful Home’ – Add an energising pop of colour by pairing Heart Wood with lively yellows and zesty greens.

The mood of the ‘Welcome Home’ is not just achieved through paint colour alone, but can be achieved by carefully combining a range of textiles, furniture and decorative items in your home. The commonality with each of the above themes is the feeling of warmth which is achieved through tranquil, muted colours. This colour scheme serves as the perfect background to luxurious textiles, materials and natural woods with a slightly warm tone. It goes perfectly with the ubiquitous copper trend, and pairing with natural materials like wood and leather creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

So, if you’re planning to redecorate your home next year, the Heart Wood trend will dominate the looks and styles that you will see everywhere. Even if you don’t wish to repaint your walls, you can bring in elements of the trend through the other items in your home. Some suggested items from the Banbayu collection that can add an element of the tranquil ‘Heart Wood’ atmosphere to your home, shown in the image above, include the beautiful copper Coppi Bowl and the handmade Miro cushion.

Other items from our collection that fit this trend, shown above, are the Rose Star chest of drawers  and our stunning abstract paintings by South African artist Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal.

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