Creative decorating ideas for small spaces

Creative decorating ideas for small spaces

Cramming our lives into smaller spaces isn’t always easy, and decorating a tiny living area that still has to fulfil all of our basic needs can feel like a momentous task. Whether you’re moving into a new studio apartment or taking up residence in a classic walk-up filled with seemingly unreachable corners, fret not and try to have fun with the process!

Quirks like high ceilings or curved walls can often be overlooked or undervalued, but there’s no better challenge than finding creative ways to experiment and put those oddities to good use. There are no hard and fast rules to decorating, but here are our top tips for decorating ideas for small spaces.

Let There Be Light!

With the right colour palette, a small room can be made to feel so much more spacious. A selection of soft pastels and calm hues for the walls and floors can do wonders to brighten up any living area. Lighter tones not only create the illusion of a larger room, they have the ability to set the mood for a soothing and refreshing atmosphere.

Accent the room with art, and make the decision to choose bright and happy themes. Art can make a cramped room feel a million times cosier and so much more welcoming. Minimize clutter by selecting a single mid to large sized work of art, rather than hoarding a collection of small drawings.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your lighting options. Toss the standard table lamps, and add finesse to your mini home by introducing unique materials into the mix. Let the durability, beauty and reflectivity of copper lamps swing from your ceiling or be bold and curate a selection of industrial bulbs instead. Let the light in!

Explore our lighting selection and find yourself the perfect lamp for your place.

Scale Up

Big and bold statement furnishings surprisingly make small spaces seem larger and neater. Avoid displaying bit-sized mementoes that have the ability to add clutter and create uncomfortable visual aesthetics. Instead, display that unique decorative bowl you brought home from your travels, or that giant vase which begs to be in the presence of good company.

Let Mirrors Mirror

Take the cue from top interior designers and use mirrors to multiply every precious inch of space. “Add” footage to a room by placing a mirror at the entrance of a hallway, or install it beautifully framed opposite a window to maximize access to natural light. The possibilities are endless. Pro tip: The bigger the mirror, the better.

Use Your Walls!

Bulky media centres can take up so much precious floor space. Free up the room by mounting the TV on a swing-arm device which folds neatly against the wall when not in use.

Lift the stack of dusty books and magazines off the floors of the apartment and set them on heavy-duty floating shelves installed directly into the wall. Throw plants, miniature art and photo frames into the mix, and an aesthetically pleasing visual display has been created! 

Never Overlook Corners

Style an awkward angle and maximize every inch of that precious space! Squeeze in extra accents like a creative multi-levelled wall shelving unit, or create a cosy reading corner with a comfortable leather armchair.

Customized tables set are also excellent for creating breakfast nooks, and go wild offsetting the hard angles of a corner with the branches and leaves of a hanging potted plant.

Double Duty

Limit clutter as much as possible by selecting accessories that serve more than one purpose. Hidden storage in a daybed or a stool that can also act as an end table prevents a space from looking like a hoarder’s home.

Let Mother Nature In

Mother Nature has a clue – Size truly doesn’t matter, and whether it’s a mini cactus on the bookshelf or a hanging fern in the corner, let the green into your home and transform any space into a fresher and lighter version of itself.

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