Four Ways to Embrace Feng Shui In The Western Home

As the Lunar New Year approaches, and millions of Chinese families all around the world carry out thorough cleaning rituals of their homes in preparation for the upcoming festivities, we can be sure that the influence of Feng Shui will be taken into account.

What really is Feng Shui, and how can we benefit from it in the west? Literally translated to wind-water, it can be defined as the Chinese art of capturing beneficial energy and protecting a space from negativity.

In truth, and unlike popular perception, there is nothing magical or metaphysical about it. At the very core, Feng Shui is simply all about creating a sense of balance and harmony, with the goal of tapping into the positive energy of the universe, and creating a space which is not only physically comfortable but mentally and spiritually energizing as well.

Most of the recommended Feng Shui tips can truly, and hopefully, be categorized under the umbrella of common sense, and shouldn’t be viewed as being mysterious or enigmatic.

Of course, as one of China’s oldest guides in aligning elements of physical life with natural forces, the practice of Feng Shui can certainly be subject to some superstitions and beliefs, but the advice of keeping doors and pathways unblocked, maintaining an uncluttered home and encouraging ventilation by regulating open doors and windows within a home are truly all regular elements of any decent family space, but they are also fundamental cornerstones of Feng Shui. That is, ensuring the maximization of good energy in any living space.

As an intrinsic part of Chinese culture, Feng Shui has now widely been embraced by the western world and taken seriously by architects, interior designers and homeowners, frequently used as a global design tool.

Here are some ways of filling the home with good “Chi” or Energy, with the ultimate goal of creating a loving, supportive and harmonious home.



The home, that is! One of the first essential steps to start with is to remove all the old and tired energy from the year long gone, in order to create a strong foundation for good energy to enter the new year. There’s a certain exhilaration that comes with throwing things away and freeing up space in your home. It’s not only an aesthetic task, but mentally and spiritually cleansing as well. Toss, recycle, or donate anything which you don’t need, and start the Lunar New Year with a serene and clutter-free home!


Let In the Light

Light is a strong representation for the element of fire, and in this year of the Fire Rooster, what better way is there than to use light to bring balance to your space? Good lighting has the ability to create a strong balance between the brightness of “Yin” and “Yang”, dark and light, paving the way to enhance a strong sense of “Chi” again.

You can light your room with our dragon copper lamp. A symbol of power, strength and good luck, the dragon is an icon of traditional Chinese New Year celebrations. With code “CHINESENEWYEAR” you will receive 25% off this beautiful piece in celebration of the Chinese New Year until 5th February 2017 with free delivery.

Let Colours Lead the Way

We have all experienced the profound, and often delightful, impact of a refreshing new shade of paint in an old room. This is an emotion that should certainly not be undervalued! Colours have the ability to express energy, and our subconscious mind constantly absorbs the cues that emanate from these hues. As a result, colours have always been one of the most powerful tools to be used in Feng Shui.

For example, red represents the element of fire, and because of the intensity, it might be widely considered as a lucky color that invites good energy, but which should also be used with caution. A representation of the energy of sun and life, a balanced fire element in your home could entice the emotions of joy and desire.

Yellow, on the other hand, is cheerful and uplifting. The colour is mentally stimulating and is expected to trigger the intellect, which makes it suitable for inclusion in study rooms, libraries or even cheery breakfast nooks. 

Attracting Love and Money

The holy grail of goals in life – Love and Money. According to Feng Shui masters, home design can have a significant impact on your bank account and love life. They believe that the kitchen is directly linked to an ability to attract and keep money, and advice that kitchens be kept consistently clean, and that all unnecessary clutter be removed. It also helps to maintain a full refrigerator and use all the burners on a clean stove equally.

Whether you’re keen to find love or work on improving a current relationship, one of the most important Feng Shui love tips is to keep objects in pairs. This means displaying 2 side tables, 2 pillows, and groups of photo frames in equal numbers side by side. This is believed to create a sense of balance in the home.

The practice of Feng Shui may be ancient, but it serves a universal purpose of bettering our lives through the adjustments of physical structures and objects in the environment that surrounds us, teaching us how to create a home that comforts, soothes, and nurtures the body, mind and soul.

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