Find your perfect wooden coffee table at Banbayu

Find your perfect wooden coffee table at Banbayu

A living room without a coffee table is akin to a suit without the right socks or perfect belt, lacking the final detail in an ensemble that can successfully complete a look. It can make or break an image, and even elevate it entirely when chosen well, just like that last perfect piece of a puzzle that completes a dreamy view.

Originally defined to be supportive tables used to hold anything from beverages and magazines to all sorts of small decorative objects, coffee tables have now become essential items in any decent living space, filled with as many options for aesthetic designs as there are materials in the world. The challenge is finding a style that fits your lifestyle while ensuring that both form and function complement each other. Accompanied by the right décor, a carefully selected coffee table can truly be a key design element within a successful living area.


First things first, let’s address the practical questions - Who is it intended for, and how is it meant to be utilised?

A helpful start would be to consider the primary use of the furniture within daily living arrangements and to begin making decisions from this point onwards. Is the coffee table meant for a bachelor interested in sleek and dramatic visual impact, or perhaps better aimed at a couple that loves to entertain? In these instances, a decorative talking piece could do well to become the focal attraction in the creative epicentre of a living room, ideally created with a memorable sculptural design or even crafted from unusual or surprising materials.

In the event that a family with young children is in search for the perfect adornment but understandably value functionality over décor, it would be prudent to be on the lookout for strong units with storage capabilities like additional shelves, drawers or compartments for books and toys especially since there will be a need for the furniture to be multi-functioning.

In any case, there aren’t any perfect solutions, so relax and enjoy the process of finding what fits your home. The key is choosing one that is unique enough to stand out but still complements the rest of the furniture.

How many do you need?

Yes, how many coffee tables do you really need? The answer might surprise you! Who dictates that only one coffee table is enough? Regardless of the size of a home or office in its entirety, one table might simply not be sufficient when confronted with multiple living areas, where there is obviously more seating arrangements or alternative sections of focus. This means that the decision of only having one centrepiece can be adaptable, so be as flexible as possible and remember that coffee tables exist in all shapes and sizes, and should be selected to fit your needs.

In smaller spaces where one coffee table might obviously be (and occasionally, more than) enough, decorating options could appear limited, but on the contrary, the smaller the area, the greater the need for a single and strong focal point. In this case, with only one “spotlight”, form should take greater pride of place than function, so if you only need one coffee table, make it a grand gesture with all the bells and whistles that you can take!

There are also no rules that dictate the requirement for a small space to only accommodate one single piece of furniture, it could be a lovely option to have two small tables that can be moved around the room, or even a pair of matching side tables as an alternative. You could even try a collection of tables at different heights and materials for an added dimension of whimsy if it suits your taste.


And now, for the fun part – Aesthetics! Which style should you choose?

A coffee table is no longer a one-dimensional decision of finding a place to put up your feet. The styles and range of materials available to us are truly incredible.

Wood, metal or glass? Square, rectangle, circle or irregular?

All of these options are virtually available in any size, shape and form with every functionality you want. You’ll find some perfect for storage and others perfect for display. You’ll find the ideal coffee table for blending into your décor, and you’ll also find some ready to be the centre of attention. Do you want your coffee table to be formal, informal, modern, vintage or even rustic? Whether it is oak, maple, cherry or walnut, wood undeniably brings warmth to a space while glass and steel might have a more industrial vibe. It is important to decide based on a vibe that complements the whole room.


Shape it up!

The shape of a coffee table can be so useful in enhancing the atmosphere of a living room. For example, larger rectangular or oval coffee tables could be complementary to the harsh, sharp lines of long or L-shaped sofas. Small love seats, on the other hand, could use the addition of small squares or circles to create visual balance.

Size is also certainly a crucial element, a large and imposing coffee table can be akin to having a large sculpture in the room that you have to walk around and which disrupts the flow of a space. Nothing can be more frustrating than bringing your new table home, only to find it doesn’t fit in quite the way you imagined, so take precaution when measuring a living space.

Ultimately, the process of finding the ideal table doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task and should be both fun and inspirational! And to help you decide which coffee table is right for your home, we have 15% off our wooden furniture collection with code "Wood"

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