Going Green All Year Round with Faux Flowers

At Banbayu our philosophy of providing ethically sourced, sustainable luxury items for your home is a commitment we have made to both our clients and the planet. We fully believe that by embracing eco-friendly, gorgeous objects we can do our part to not only bring beautiful goods to our client’s homes but to also help the planet. In today’s guest blog post we speak with Maura Collection on how artificial flowers can help to reduce our carbon footprint and be a wonderful addition to any interior.

B: Thank you for joining us. Tell our readers, in what ways can Artificial flowers help the environment?

M: Thank you for having us! Firstly, we do not try to compete with real flowers, rather we see our faux flower arrangements as something that can compliment the ‘real deal’. In terms of one of the reasons for going for artificial flowers, we believe that they can help to reduce our impact on the environment and still look realistic and beautiful in their own right. For example, just in terms of how often real flowers need to be replaced, faux flowers have an indefinite shelf life meaning that they do indeed last longer. Whatsmore, in terms of how artificial flowers are transported, they can help reduce the impact on the environment as there is no deadline or rush to get them to where they need to go. Many of our own suppliers also ship by sea and not by air which again reduces the impact on the environment.

As we all know, very few flowers on the UK market are grown locally and have to be imported from far away places such as Africa or South America where the climate is right all year round for growing. Again, it is this reliance on importation and the huge environmental costs that they may have that makes us say, go artificial! In terms of waste, artificial flowers stay looking good for years with a regular dust whereas fresh flowers have to be replaced at least every week. When they die they are put in the bin (unless you compost) and sent to landfill where they decay and omit methane.

B: Is there still a place for real flowers?

M: We absolutely believe that there is a time and a place for real flowers. Of course, there is no denying that there is a a huge demand for fresh flowers, especially on certain days such as Valentines and other such important occasions. However, we urge our clients to consider the impact of fresh flowers as with such ongoing demand, the growers have to keep up constant production which involves chemicals to keep diseases at bay - of course organic options do exist but are out of the reach of many. Naturally, this intensive farming process is not good for the environment or the workers at the flower farms. We still think that for special occasions that real flowers are great, however for dressing your home artificial flower arrangements can not only save you money in the long run but also help the environment.

B: How can we make more eco-friendly choices when it comes to real flowers?

M: We believe that the best solution is to continue to buy fresh flowers but do so less so and  to try and buy as local as possible. If you do have the space, cultivating a small cutting garden is rewarding and comes with enormous benefits that aren't just ecological.

B: How do you think faux flowers will coexist with the real option going forward?

As with any industry, the market decides and with the World looking to go greener many of clients are just becoming aware of just how great faux flowers can be.  We think that the best solution is always a healthy balance. Why not invest in some beautiful realistic faux arrangements that can be used as regular centrepieces for rooms and spaces, buy less fresh and mix them with good artificial greenery and branches.

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