The top 7 habits of tidy home owners!

There are friends that we all have, who always have a clean home no matter what the situation is. These amazing people have the privilege of being able to entertain anytime they want, invite a guest over at a second’s notice and always present an enviably tidy and sparkling living space. 

What is their secret? And is it even a secret?

It turns out that it can be possible for us messy mortals to also achieve this level of godliness, and that it is not even a special privilege reserved for genetically wired Type A personalities who simply love the act of cleaning. 

As long as we follow some little habits that they do (Take note of the term "habits", because this takes a consistent pattern of steps to achieve), and we too can learn to maintain this level of ready home living!


1. They Make Their Bed, Every Day!

 We have heard this advice time and again, that making our beds can be one of the best ways to kick-start an efficient day. Why is that? It also seems to be a common habit for highly organized and successful individuals. It might feel like a small accomplishment, but organizing and tidying up your place of rest truly sets the tone for the entire morning, noon and night. A simple act that could help to create a sense of order in your bedroom and set you off on a productive tangent that helps you to face the challenges ahead? Sounds like an easy task we should all embrace!


2. They Clean As They Go + Never Procrastinate

 These tips go hand in hand, and ultimately minimise the accumulation of any mess by wiping, sweeping and putting things away as you go. Much like making tidiness a habit, it is essential to let the process of cleaning become an instinct too. This could be especially helpful advice during meal preparations where the kitchen often resembles the site of an explosion after a few hours. Learn to multi-task and rinse the kitchen tools while waiting for the water to boil, or wipe down the stove as the roast cooks in the oven - These are little tips that make it easier for you and your family to live in a clean space. Ultimately, the longer you wait, the harder the mess becomes to deal with.


3. Make Use of Storage Solutions to Organise Things

Get creative and use containers to keep specific items in place - baskets add a tidy and rustic look to kitchen shelves while old wine crates could be used in the living room as additional storage spaces for items like old magazines or knick knacks. Collect old metal buckets for children's toys or as containers to keep seasonal tools out of the way. During winter, leave 3 small reserves by the door for gloves, hats and scarfs for easy storage and access, and even keep a junk box in the corner for the odd board game or football! The key is not to leave items lying around in a pile or in a clutter of disorganization.


4. Work The Laundry and Dishwasher

 For those of us lucky enough to own one (or both) of these appliances, remember that they are there to work for you! Start the day or the week by throwing clothes into the laundry, and before you know it, you'll have clean and dry clothes in no time at all. Make it a habit to load the dishwasher before you go to bed and you'll be multi-tasking with good sleep knowing that the machine is dutifully at work, ready to present you with clean dishes in the morning.


5. Ask for Help

No one can, nor should, do it all on their own. Keeping a clean and tidy home environment takes a lot of work and should be a group effort from everyone living under the same roof. This includes spouses, siblings, roommates and children!


6. They Plan Ahead

This is a tip that would surely make your mornings much easier. Whether it's picking out an outfit for the day or preparing a delicious breakfast and lunch bag, you not only increase your quality of sleep by having peace of mind but also start the day focused on more important goals ahead.


7. Finally, Be Happy with “Clean Enough”

 This might be the most difficult step to achieve, especially when we have mentally started a warpath with dirt and all things messy. Remember that while removing dust and clutter from a home environment certainly encourages a cleaner and more comfortable atmosphere, it doesn’t mean that every single thing has to be perfect and spotless. On the contrary, and above all, let the process of tidying and cleaning become a part of your daily habit, with the goal of making your house a comfortable, safe and cosy home.



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