Hotel & Restaurant Olymp Munich Meets Banbayu

Centrally located in the beautiful village ‘Eching’ in Munich, is the family-owned Boutique Hotel & Restaurant Olymp Munich. At Banbayu, we are very happy and proud that the Hotel Olymp Munich is featuring a handpicked selection of our art pieces at the reception, spa and lounge area of the new “Apollo” building. Last month we had the opportunity to visit and stay for a few days in this wonderful place, visiting friends and family. We had an amazing time during our stay and wanted to share with you our experience and why we highly recommend this hotel for your next trip to the beautiful capital of Bavaria. 

Hotel Olymp Munich

The moment we arrived, we received a warm welcome by the very attentive and lovely hotel team and instantly felt we have come to a special place in the heart of Bavaria. The Hotel rooms are very comfortable and nicely decorated. We were accommodated in the new wing which allowed us direct access to the new Spa and Gym area. We also had amazing weather throughout our stay and managed to go for a swim in the nearby lake.

In the Spa area, we spotted our Coppi Trumpet Vase and Japanese Spring Flower Vase, whilst in the reception area we’ve seen a selection of our Picasso cushion. The bar is very cozy and furnished elegantly with wooden stools and tables, leather seats and one can simply enjoy hanging out here for a drink whilst listening to the subtle music playing in the background.

Spa Olymp Munich

The breakfast buffet has a large variety of anything you could wish for including local traditional delicatesses, such as Leberkäse (meatloaf), Weisswürste (traditional Munich sausage) and oven-fresh Brezels, just to name a few. Of course we tasted all local dishes and even us being in Munich more often, Bavarian meals are always a treat not to be missed.

As we spent most days out with friends, family and sightseeing, we had only two days at lunch and dinner at the hotel. These were as expected a great culinary adventure. During the day we enjoyed one of the weekly changing lunch sets which happened to be a sweetwater fish “Forelle” from a nearby fishery. Yummy! In the evening we indulged some more into the local culinary experiences and were treated by Olymp’s renown chef Christian Wiese and the team. As we learned with no surprise, the “Restaurant Olymp” is known among locals as a great Restaurant in Eching and far beyond the villages’ borders with visitors from all across Bavaria. 

And when in Munich, it is also important to catch-up with friends! 


We had a fantastic time here and whether you plan to go on a business or leisure trip, the Hotel Olymp Munich is most certainly a great choice. The Oktoberfest is coming up, a great opportunity to plan a visit again at this special place. 

Enjoy and let us know when you go, then we can maybe meet up in case our trips are at the same time and go to the Biergarten together :) 

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