Lighting ideas to keep winter blues away

Lighting ideas to keep winter blues away

Every season brings with it a unique set of joys and challenges. Autumn and especially winter, can be too long, oh-so-grey and painfully cold. With the mourning of summer and the arrival of gloomy days and darkened skies, the inherent nature of the colder months can certainly make it difficult for us to feel happy. The rise of trends such as ‘Hygge’ and ‘Lagom’ in recent years is no surprise. Our neighbours in Scandinavia have the longest, darkest winters in Europe and they know that making your home a sanctuary is key to keeping your spirits lifted. Lighting is one of the most important elements in achieving a happy home, and in this post, we discuss our top lighting ideas to keep the winter blues away.

How lighting affects our mood

There is no doubt that our needs change as winter sets in, and the right lighting in our lives can be surprisingly transformative in aiding the quality of our days through this season. We have all certainly experienced the effects of a poorly lit building or been uncomfortable under a harsh bulb, leading to a deep understanding that the power of light is certainly not one to be underestimated!

As darkness creeps in earlier and earlier and temperatures begin to drop, it becomes increasingly imperative that the lighting within our homes should remain as soft and as warm as possible, in order to create a haven for our spirits over the coming winter months. Given that light bears the magical ability to dramatically affect our mood, lighting is something that we can certainly work on getting right, a crucial element to keeping joy around us during this time of the year.

The power of layered lighting
One of our favourite lighting ideas to achieve a natural ambient is to accentuate the positive by strategically placing a mixture of pendant, floor and table lights in each room in order to play with the desired illumination our minds and bodies crave. It is perfectly possible to add distinction and drama to beautiful objects in one area while nurturing a calm and warm atmosphere in another. Layered lighting is one of the main secrets to setting the tone for a warmly lit home, and the key to creating a cosy seasonal atmosphere lies in even distribution, so be bold and experiment with light fixtures at different levels.  Turn your table lamps, fairy lights and ceiling mounted fixtures into mood-changing aides! These are just some lighting ideas that are effective in highlighting specific spaces to ensure a balance between ambience and functionality.

Add texture and mix lighting materials
Although stylish, exposed bulbs, glass and metal can sometimes present a cold and harsh finish f they aren’t styled correctly, so take the opportunity to mix materials with what you own. It doesn’t involve getting rid of possessions, but instead get playful with interchangeable shades or throw a soft scarf over a sharp bulb to create a hazy and indirect light effect. Fabric choices can be the key – By changing the material, colour or shape of a light fixture, a room can instantly be enhanced. Lights in a variety of materials and textures are also effective. Our fishtrap floor lamp is made from natural bamboo, while the hanging lamp nest is made from leather. We’ve written a blog post on how to style your vintage light bulbs.

Don’t go too bright
Battling wintry nights also shouldn’t be a pursuit limited to the indoors – As the evenings get darker, careful lighting doesn’t just offer a sense of security but also ensures that your garden, patio and balcony can shift the look of a home from menacing and unflattering to cosy and inviting.

Whenever possible, remember to use dimmer switches to aid with versatility in creating the right balance of cold and warmth. A strong and direct light may work in the kitchen, but it can certainly be too harsh for the dining room. A creative way to adjust the atmosphere at home could be the simple task of setting bulbs to grow gradually darker at night, while getting slowly brighter in the mornings to allow the adjustment to winter weather a little less severe.

Getting your home ready for the winter darkness is no different from the way you prepare yourself for the cold. Remember that beating the winters is all about indulging in warm hues and cosy textures! Will you try any of these lighting ideas in your home?

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