Our favourite home decor ideas to make your house cosier this winter

With the chilly, grey months of winter just around the corner, when the weather turns cold and the winds start to blow, it is inevitable that we crave a bit of warmth and comfort in our daily lives. We might have to wait for a whole season to pass before the colours and smells of spring set upon us again, but that doesn't mean that we can't find ways to increase the level of cosiness at home, creating a warm and welcoming place to spend time with family and friends. With the right home decor ideas, your home can feel charming, lived-in, and intimate, successfully reflecting our personalities by staying true to an individual design vision.


Home decor ideas for a cosier home

Introduce a mixture of textures

We can’t rely merely on colours to change our moods, and the process of increasing the cosy factor in a home doesn’t necessarily mean only filling it with warmer hues and tones. An alternative and equally effective way to enhance the level of comfort in your current space is through the use of materials, where the process of mixing and matching varying textures can add a touch of warmth, where there might have been little before.

For instance, metallic and reflective surfaces can often make a space feel cold, so work on balancing these accents by incorporating softer textures like wool, velvet, linen, wood, cotton and even some sheepskins or faux fur to make a space feel both luxe and restful. Make use of blanket layers, throws and pillows that create a snug environment, especially with natural and organic materials that lend warmth so easily. They are such powerful tools used in making a home feel intimate and inviting, allowing the space to gain richness and depth through a mix of materials. These textures break the monotony of a room by adding surprising accents and dynamism at the same time, so use them generously to create a cosy den you will want to curl up in.

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Add lots of lighting

With upcoming days that promise to be grey and short, the need for good ambient lighting becomes a true necessity. One of the best ways to fine-tune the atmosphere in an existing space is to make use of clever lighting. It is not necessary to break the bank, and there are ways to enhance a space through some small tweaks and additions.

Cool silver tones might have been appropriate hues for the summer, but in winter, it’s the warm metals that enhance the level of comfort in a home. Add a gorgeous copper ceiling fixture, and watch the warm tones of copper, brass and bronze bounce light around the space, eliminating winter gloom and effectively chasing away the chills. On even darker days, the presence of ambient lighting can fill up a recessed space to make it cosier and more intimate.

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Home decor ideas for a cosier home

Show Memories or Buy Vintage

Winter means spending more time indoors, where past memories can frequently stir up feelings of nostalgia. Bring cherished moments into your home décor, whether it is an incredible find from a trip while travelling, or a piece of unusual furniture made from beautiful wood, it is the presence of these precious items that help to warm up a room. Nothing beats the unique stories behind one-of-a-kind pieces that are great conversation starters while lending a room elements of undeniable charm.

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Let plants and greenery add some atmosphere

Flowers and plants are such easy and inexpensive ways to brighten up almost any space. Why wait for spring to enjoy a good bloom? Not only do plants breathe new life into a home, their dynamic shapes and wild textures often soften harsh lines within a room. Studies have also shown that adding greenery can help ease the winter blues, which translates into being immediately beneficial to your mental and physical well-being.

A home is not just the place where you sleep at night, it’s a space where you should be able to unwind, relax and decompress. By implementing a few of these ideas, you’ll be feeling warm and comfy in no time, until the worst of winter blows over. We’d love to hear your top home decor ideas for making your house feel warm and cosy this winter. Have we missed anything?

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