Our top six most inspiring interior decorating websites!

Whether you are building your own home, renovating or simply wanting to redecorate your living room the first place you will probably look is online. There is so much home decorating inspiration to be found! While this is amazing as a starting point, it can get a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. We have put together a list of our top 6 home decorating websites that we think should be on everyone's research list. From the hugely popular to some that are a little more unknown, but inspiring nonetheless. Even if you don’t have a project going on, you are bound to enjoy scrolling through these sites!

1. Houzz

Possibly the largest and most extensive collection of home decorating information on the internet, Houzz has localised sites for each country it operates in. It contains everything you need to find inspiration, from house tours, how-to articles and trend alerts. With over 15 million photographs, it allows users to keep a digital ‘notebook’ to collect images, articles and ideas they have seen on the site. It even offers a one stop shop for finding tradespeople, interior designers and other interior professionals in your local area. You can easily lose an evening getting lost on the site!


2. Pinterest

The popularity of Pinterest isn’t going anywhere, and once you type something into the search bar and start scrolling, it’s easy to see why. A visual repository for all things beautiful, inspirational and unique - Pinterest lends itself perfectly for home decorating inspiration. As well as aspirational imagery, the site is a treasure-trove of DIY ideas, that are perfect for those wanting to get crafty.

top interior design websites

3. Emily Henderson

The home styling projects completed by Emily Henderson, the LA based interior decorating guru, are simply awe inducing. While the beachy, luxury homes she designs may not be typical of what most of in the UK have to work with, the room makeovers on her site can spark hundreds of ideas. Her blog covers all aspects of interior decorating, from how to choose a colour palette, how to pick tiles and shopping guides for all budgets. If you aren’t sure what type of style to go for in your home, her Home Style Quiz can help you find what best suits your personality. And if you need more inspiration, she has published a best-selling interiors book, Styled - The Book.


4. My Scandinavian Home

The award winning blog by Niki Brantmark showcases the most ethereal, Scandinavian-style homes around. Niki is a Londoner currently living in Sweden. Her blog features the most stylish homes from the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish countries. Her  style has influenced homes across the globe, and she often shares homes from further afield. Niki has published three books on the theme - Scandinavian Homes, Lagom and Modern Pastoral.

top interior design websites

Image on the left from Seeds and Stitches


5. Design Milk

Design Milk is packed full of the latest art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology. The team of expert writers and design experts publish new and interesting content everyday.


6. Seeds and Stitches

For something closer to home, and with a beautifully British charm, is Hannah Bullivant’s Seeds and Stitches. Hannah is an interiors stylist who curates beautiful interiors for soulful living. As well as showcasing her impeccable style, she also shares her tips for bringing nature into your home with beautiful seasonal and creative ideas. Hannah’s work has been featured in magazines and websites across the UK and she even offers retreats where you can go and learn from her and relax with other soulful creatives.

We’d love to know if you have any sites that you would add to this list. Or if you are inspired to get into design yourself, check out this useful guide on how to become an interior designer.

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