The Banbayu Christmas Gift Guide - Something for Everyone!

Christmas is just around the corner, and we all know that the act of gift giving can boost our moods during the festive season. Most of us are constantly working on creating the perfect list, and it is still early enough to shop in a calm and peaceful manner! So before we proclaim once again that the year has passed by too quickly and that we don’t have enough time to go shopping, it would be wonderful to aim to enjoy a Christmas season filled with tranquillity and reflection, without having to rush around to buy the last-minute perfect presents. Our gift guide will hopefully provide some inspiration!

Gifts For The Quirky Aunt

Most of us might be able to relate to having an aunt who is usually just a little bit too loud, always much too inquisitive and also just an all-round sweetheart. Reward this fun social butterfly in your life with a gift that brings her even more joy! Knowing that her favourite niece or nephew cared enough to find something special would just make her day, and certainly yours.

Consider an entertaining homage to creativity in the form of handmade cushion covers with art embroidery from the collection of Picasso or Miro in her own living room – This might be just what she needs!

Picasso cushion


Satisfying The Teenager

It is not likely that you will ever find a cool enough gift for the teenager in your family, be it a brother, cousin or niece, but perhaps they have a hidden eccentric side that is just waiting to come out, and let's face it, normal can be boring, so present them with something out of the ordinary that is also practical and they might just sulk a little less.

Ballo’s wooden sunglasses from South Africa are as rad as it gets, not only are they handmade by local craftsmen, they are unisex and assembled from recycled materials. Mention that they are the favourite pair of sunglasses by American celebrities like NFL player Kurt Coleman for an added factor of street cred and you might just become their favourite relative overnight.


The Ever Practical Father

When maybe a "Best Dad in the World" mug might have sufficed in all the years before, try to aim a little higher this year. Bring a smile to dad's face in the form of a double whammy of unique and practical, with something he can use, appreciate and be proud of. In every household, there’s always a spot that the heaters can’t quite reach. Solve the problem for dad with a natural and eco-friendly fireplace by Le Feu that needs neither installation nor a chimney - This might just be the household addition that dad would appreciate.


Your One and Only Loving Mother

You know she will love anything you choose, but take the extra effort this year and bring something handmade with all the tender loving care that she has bestowed on you your entire life. Imagine the joy on her face when you present her with one-of-a-kind classic Sarai Gold Necklace from the collection of Ilan Orbach, each piece lovingly created to reflect the modern-day feminine goddess, just like she is.


Sweethearts Grandma and Grandpa

They watched you grow into the person you have become, and they are the last people you would ever want to disappoint!

A hand-made artisanal vase by Danish artist Elisabeth Laursen might just do the trick in reminding them of who their favourite grandchild ought to be. Individually crafted creations as unique and delicate as their love, they would surely appreciate the silk screen printing technique of each vase and let the gift take pride of place on their mantleplace, reminding them of you.

And finally, The Whole Family

Who says everyone needs an individual gift of their own? Sometimes a gift to be shared by the entire family can be practical and exciting all at once. A table lamp for a reading corner, or a hanging chair for the outdoor patio could be a wonderful way to unite everyone in spirit during this festive period!



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