The Coastal Decor Trend

The Coastal Decor Trend

The coastal décor trend has been around in various forms for the last decade, but in 2018 it takes on a more pared back, relaxed mood. Think neutral colours, pale blue hues and natural materials rather than the nautical stripes and boat-themed ornaments of later years. It is less about kitsch and more about creating a relaxed, carefree and tranquil atmosphere in your home. At Banbayu, we love this latest take on the trend. It’s about bringing that relaxed, beach vibe into your home. Think sandy beaches, blue oceans and the sound of waves. Natural materials are the key to mastering this relaxed vibe – natural driftwood in pale colours, seashells and nature. Bringing natural items from the beach into your home cannot help but remind you of lazy days, sea air and hot, sunny holidays.

The coastal decor trend requires very little effort, just a few carefully chosen pieces is enough to complete the look. A neutral colour palette helps, but really any corner of your home can embrace this look. Bedrooms and bathrooms lend themselves particularly well to this year's take on the nautical theme, being places associated with relaxation. The coastal trend compliments the ever popular trend for white walls in homes, by adding subtle touches of warmth that can prevent white rooms looking extremely modern or harsh. Bright, neutral and breezy furnishings look fantastic with crisp, white walls and pale wood furniture for a beautiful beach home vibe.

Here are some of our top tips to get the coastal look.


Nothing conjures up images of the sea more than the simple seashell. Small but perfectly formed, seashells have been gathered by children and craftspeople alike for generations. Delicately and expertly crafted with hundreds of tiny seashells, our seashell lamps are perfect for adding a coastal look to any room in your home. Created in Indonesia, the shells are meticulously glued together in a range of shapes that look like a large shell from the distance. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear the ocean!

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Introduce Driftwood

Driftwood is a natural material that has been foraged from the seashore. According to Norse mythology, the first humans, Ask and Embla, were formed out of two pieces of driftwood, an ash and an elm, by the god Odin and his brothers. It has been used in sculpture for centuries. Handcrafted by local villagers on the shorelines of the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea, our ethically sourced driftwood lamps are perfect for turning any dark corner into a rustic and coastal themed oasis.

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Deep blues and waves on your walls
The coast has always inspired artists. The right artwork on your walls can help tie together the different elements of the coastal trend and introduce colours that are evocative of the sea. Decorate your walls with abstract artworks with shades of blue and silver, and with long, sweeping brushstrokes reminiscent of waves. Our artworks by artist Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal are perfect for this. Lagoon Nr.3 with its deep, muted blue and Salutations with its flowing paint strokes evoke the fluidity of waves and a create a deeply soothing environment.

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Cuttlefish Blue by Seba
Golden Seashell II
Surfers by Kelley Archive
Indigo Marvel II

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Your home will embody the relaxed, beachy vibe if you pay attention to the smaller design details, such as throws, cushions and photo frames. The careful styling of trinkets and ornaments is necessary to maintain the carefree atmosphere, but it’s important to keep things uncluttered and have a consistent colour palette. A base of muted colours with one or two accents in blue or red tones can tie everything together. Finally, attention to the scents that you bring into your home can further enhance the beachy vibe, so stay clear of overpowering scents and instead go for crisp, salty tones.



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