The Modern Bachelor Pad

The big day has finally come. Bid farewell to tiny dorm rooms and bunk beds – you’re moving into your very first bachelor pad! Setting up a new home can often seem overwhelming, and most people are confused about where to even begin.

Men who are starting out with their first bachelor pads should rightfully be excited about the prospect of building a personal man cave to carve a masculine space in their own little world. The myth of having to spend a lot to achieve an effortless home that would make Jon Hamm proud can be intimidating. The truth is, you can spend a lot of money on interior design, but you don’t have to. Stay true to your own tastes and preferences and build a stylish pad that reflects who you are.

Here are five simple ways to improve your home, regardless of size or budget.

Accents with Art

Bare concrete walls can look great, but unless you live in a converted warehouse, art can be great accents for the home. It also doesn’t need to be expensive to be interesting. Find pieces that are meaningful, and that also enhances the overall look and feel of your home. A great start would be to acquire art prints – Low in monetary investment, it would be easy to acquire several at a time and interchange them on a whim. Set the budget you want to spend, and lead your choices with colours you like. Select the themes based on these perimeters and start owning a mini-collection of art works. If classic art is not your style, consider displaying memorabilia like movie posters or vintage album covers. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to like living with what you choose.

More importantly, real men use frames. Real men care about the appearance of a home, and show that they can take control of a mature living environment. Bid farewell to tacked posters curling at the edges and show the world that the boy doesn’t live here anymore.


Like art, the price of home accessories is often less important than quality and suitability. There might be infinite options when selecting a couch for your man cave, but it would be wise to remember that aside from the bed, the couch would be a close runner-up to receiving your tired body when all you want to do is relax with a cold beer in hand. Think about how you like to spend your downtime – Fiddling with the PlayStation, watching box sets, surfing the net or napping? Comfort and aesthetics can go hand in hand, so take both into account when selecting a suitable resting space.

Raise the bar

Raise the bar, literally! Use the empty spaces on your walls to create height for your shakers and strainers and find room for all that booze. Be creative and use the space to display books, tools or gadgets. Obviously practical in providing solutions for precious room in ever-shrinking apartments, the best part about shelves is the sheer versatility – A beautifully curated shelve unit can become the ultimate centerpiece in any contemporary apartment.

Go Green

It’s truly amazing how a simple plant can transform a room. Plants add energy and positivity to a space immediately, so don’t be afraid of including greens in your home. Start with something low maintenance like a terrarium – A self-contained ecosystem for the botanically challenged, and the equivalent of a fish-tank but filled with plants. Terrariums are low maintenance, and there are even app-operated units available that automatically track and optimize the microhabitat’s conditions by adjusting all the necessary life-giving elements like moisture, humidity and temperature via cloud technology. It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!

Like a good film set, lighting can be everything. Creating the right ambience regardless of the size of your man cave can make or break a vibe. Party mode or romantic dinners require vastly different conditions so start by banishing the existence of all harsh and unforgiving lights, especially the glare of fluorescent bulbs which should not be worthy of any decent living space.

Instead, invest in movable light accents like table and floor lamps that are able to create warm and flattering moods. Amp up the stakes by installing dimmer switches to have greater control of the micro-vibe in each space. The golden rule is to keep every room in the bachelor pad cozy, comfortable and inviting.

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