The origins of Banbayu

Banbayu is the next adventure of three long-time travel companions, uniting wanderlust with luxury handmade crafts from around the world.

We (Patrick, Roland and Steffen) founded Banbayu in 2016 to share unique products from local artists from the far-reaching corners of the globe. Collectively, we have spent more than a decade exploring the world’s most remote islands, diverse cultures, and thriving cities. Our passion for the multicultural soon swept into our lives where our carefully-sought artworks and decor adorned our homes. Banbayu is the culmination of many years’ hard work to bring the same wonder to your doorstep.

The name Banbayu is a blend of Asia and Indonesian words. “Ban” comes from the Banyan tree, a dome-shaped tree that Hindu mythology considers a “wish-fulfilling” tree. In India, the tree is considered immortal and has become ingrained in its ancient tales and culture. “Bayu” comes from the word for wind in Bahasa, Indonesia. Together the bayu sways the leaves of the Banyan tree, bringing light movement to its impressive boughs.

Like many travellers, we were captivated by Asia and have spent much of our lives living across the continent. When we began to evolve Banbayu, it was only natural to begin our journey there with the vast array of Asian art styles, design and craftmanship for which it is so famous. Our criteria for Banbayu products from Asia and beyond is simple: unique, handmade, high quality, ethically-made and something we would enjoy ourselves.

It’s also vitally important to us to be able to support local artists. All too often, craftsmen and women are undervalued and their hard work sold only for the largest profit, money that often never makes it back to the artists and their local economies. For Banbayu, this wasn’t an option.

For every product we sell, we donate money back to charities in local communities across the world and make sure the original artists receive their fair share. We take care to form a close and mutually-beneficial relationship with every artist we work with to ensure the fairest trade and the highest quality products. Our ethical and charity pages have more detail on how we do this for every product.

We’re delighted to start this new adventure and for you to join us on our journey. We’ll be sharing home decor ideas, travel inspiration, artist interviews and more on this blog. You can create an account and sign up to our newsletter to be notified when we post again and receive exclusive offers.

It’s time to find something unforgettable. Welcome to Banbayu.

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