Time to get cosy. The joy of a bio-ethanol fireplace.

There is little more comforting in life than settling down for the evening in front of a warm fireplace. The romance of the comforting fireside crackle and dancing flames might seem like an unattainable dream for modern city dwellers or renters, but with a bio-ethanol fireplace, anyone can enjoy this luxury. The appeal of an open fire is not just a romantic idea; scientists have proven that the relaxing effect is real, and that sitting in front of a roaring fire can even lower blood pressure. Fire has always been a fundamental part of the human experience, so perhaps our love of it has roots in our evolution. Even before humans developed settlements, fire allowed us the luxury of warmth, sanctuary, and the ability to cook a range of foods. The fireside was a place where people could gather and socialise. The act of lighting a fire ignites an ancient part of the brain.

Not all fireplaces are equal

Going into winter, a fireplace in the home is an idyllic and almost fairy-tale idea for most people living in cities. As populations increased, chimneys were closed-up when townhouses were divided into apartments and open fireplaces were filled-in with shelving. Reinstating a fireplace in most homes is not possible. Sometimes local councils will not allow it, as there needs to be adequate ventilation due to carbon monoxide fumes. The is also a risk associated with having an open flame for families with small children. Even those who do have a functioning fireplace do not always light it. Maintaining an open fireplace or a coal/wood burner can be a labour intensive and dusty job. Chopping wood, carrying coal, and emptying soot from a fireplace is a dirty job that creates huge amounts of dust in the home. The occasional blow-back of smoke into the room is not ideal, especially in a small house! The glow of a candle is the closest that most city-dwellers come to having a flame in their homes.

However, there is a solution for those wishing to experience the warmth of a fire and the crackle of flames without making a visit to their historic pub. Bio-ethanol fireplaces are fast becoming the modern way of bringing this creature-comfort into our homes. These innovative fireplaces are not only eco-friendly, they are also extremely easy to run. Bio-ethanol fires run purely on bio-ethanol so there is no dirty work – it is a clean burning, odourless fuel that doesn’t produce any ash.

One of the unique advantages of bio-ethanol fireplaces is that you can place them in any part of your home, allowing them to truly become a focal design feature. As there is no chimney required, they don’t have to be positioned next to a wall, taking up useful storage space. The portability of these fires means that for renters, the investment is one that can be taken with you when you move. Bio-ethanol fireplaces come in a range of styles that suit any type of interior, from minimalist to traditional.  Contemporary homes with open-plan space can benefit massively from a fireplace to demarcate living areas. Another delightful feature of bio-ethanol fireplaces is that they can be used outdoors, so late summer evening barbecues can be warm and inviting too!

Our fireplace collection from Le Feu consists of three contemporary, Scandinavian style bio-ethanol fireplaces that look as elegant as they are comforting. The fireplace burns a natural looking, yellow-orange flame and the domed shape radiates heat throughout the room. The temperature can also be adjusted to suit the room. So, does the appeal of a warm, crackling fireplace as you sit down to enjoy a cup of tea (or glass or mulled wine!) as you settle into a winters evening appeal? Would you be tempted to invest in one?

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