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Cirque Singer Vase | Banbayu
Cirque Singer Vase | Banbayu
Cirque Singer Vase | Banbayu

Cirque Singer Vase


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Handmade vase with Circus inspired art

Country of origin: Denmark

Crafted by danish artist Elisabeth Laursen with silk screen printing technique

Each vase exists only once in the world, making it an incredible, unique art piece

Home decoration comprises of so many unlimited products and décor accessories, and here at Banbayu, we believe in the need to select the best in order to enhance the given style of each individual space. Among all the accessories a home can have, vases certainly take a special place in enhancing the delicate balance of interior design.

Hand made by Danish ceramist Elisabeth Laursen, the Cirque Singer Vase brings an unusual and unique element to a modern or contemporary space. Typically quirky of the artist, she creates an intimate portrait of a Singer whom might only be familiar to her. She maintains a sense of mystery through minimal facial features, allowing us to experience the character only through a fog of colours.

The artist successfully expresses her sharp observations skills, humour and passion through the process of contemporary graphics screen printed directly on the ceramic vases. This extraordinary technique creates a raw and uninhibited quality, and also provides the collector with a reassurance that every work of art is unique and distinctly special.