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Coppi Leaf Vase | Banbayu
Coppi Leaf Vase | Banbayu
Coppi Leaf Vase | Banbayu
Coppi Leaf Vase | Banbayu

Coppi Leaf Vase

Regular price £89.00


  • Handmade vase with leaf inspired design
  • Country of origin: Indonesia
  • Material: Copper
  • width 25cm; height 28cm; length 8cm

    Bet you probably didn’t know, but copper is present in many common foods, including legumes (beans), grains, and nuts. One can consume it because our body needs it – copper deficiency is very rare in humans – and yet it cannot be absorbed through our skin. Copper is ideal as a material for products that come into contact with living organisms, and whisky makers have known this for centuries, as copper is used to distill the spirit in big pot stills.

    Here copper is employed to make these Bathy vases, a set of three that has a bit of a Luxor or high Egyptian style. Its origins is wholly Indonesian of course, and its sheen is both dramatic and drop-dead gorgeous. Maybe you can use them as a decorative pieces, try placing each in different parts of the room for a more alluring effect. As vases these will only enhance the beauty of whatever plants you choose to display.