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Bolas Coral Earrings | Banbayu

Bolas Coral Earrings

Regular price £19.00


Handmade jewellery from resin

Country of origin: Thailand

designed by Siska Schippers

Zsiska, the renowned designer jewellery from Asia



An homage to the coral that breathe exuberance and life to our watery world. The Bolas Coral Earrings, feature a classic hook with a robust ornament made from resin that very much like it’s namesake will resist the wears of time. You’ll never leave your ears naked with the sheer versatility of our Bolas Coral Earrings, easily paired you’ll be able to keep them as they eventually move from trendy to classic.

Even if you’re about the bustle of the city, you’ll have a piece of the ocean with you. Given life in sunny Thailand, the Bolas Coral Earrings are a fantastic tribute to the many shorelines that grace this culturally intensive tropical nation. Be reminded of an eternal summer with your very own inspired piece of the surf.