Scandinavian Fireplaces - Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Scandinavian Fireplaces - Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Our cave dwelling ancestors sought solace, protection and heat from fire, and while we may live in a digital age and have the benefit of millenniums worth of inventions, that great affinity with fire has stayed with us. However, with planning restrictions, by-laws, legislation and regulations, our dream of sitting fireside may have been quashed.

Until now that is.

Banbayu brings you beautifully designed bio ethanol Scandinavian fireplaces. Le Feu is the company behind this clean and eco-friendly fireplace concept. You do not have to worry about flues, chimneys or even installation. You can experience the joys of an open fire without the nagging feeling of guilt that you are leaving huge carbon footprints on the environment. Bioethanol fireplaces do not produce soot, smoke or ash, and there are no adverse effects on human health.

There are three options for you to choose from within the Le Feu collection: Ground Steel Fireplace, which has a singular steel support; Ground Wood Fireplace, which is supported by a wooden tripod; and the Sky Fireplace which enables the fireplace to be suspended from the ceiling. You have no restriction as to which one you choose – only your personal style can dictate which is the most appropriate option for your interior design scheme.

The wood burner style bioethanol fireplaces provide a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditionally fuelled fires and remove the need for a television to be the focal point of your room. Embrace your inner Neanderthal and get warm and cosy with your own fire for winter warmth and ambience.

Our Scandinavian Fireplaces can easily warm a room which is 20 sqm in size and help to lower your heating bills in winter.