Banbayu’s team of international interior designers have trawled the globe sourcing furniture that is functional, beautiful and sustainable. Our collection is eclectic and show-stopping; made with superior craftsmanship using time-proven methods to produce pieces of furniture that are timeless and modern classics. Whether your home is a sprawling family home or a city apartment, we can provide you with pieces that add stylistic value with our inspirational collection.

Our pieces successfully combine traditional materials and methods with contemporary designs to grand effect – our Indonesian teak root is coupled with aluminium and steel that creates a visual juxtaposition that does not fail to please. Or perhaps the strong lines of our Danish concrete table are more to your liking? Every striking piece of luxury furniture that we offer has been handmade using ecological and sustainable methods, and so is unique for you. While they tick all the aesthetic boxes, they are also functional. They are made and designed to be used, they are not simply for display, and will be a welcome addition to any home.

The furniture that we have chosen for our collection excites and contradicts and delivers a range of pieces that are not for the faint-hearted. The impact of this collection must not be understated: they make a huge statement, even the smaller pieces.  A contemporary piece of furniture can sit alongside your more traditional pieces with ease and can update your room effortlessly; use it to create a focal point for a cohesive and harmonious space.