Home Decor

Banbayu’s team of international interior designers have sourced an inspiring home accessories collection to transform your home’s interior design scheme through copper home decor. Our collection showcases an eclectic mix of sustainably produced artisan pieces that allow you to add your own sense of style to your home. Our hand-picked copper home decor accessories are the finishing touches that complete and balance your room and complement your design scheme. Whether you wish to inject accents of colour with fine embroidery cushions or promote a luxurious ambience with copper bowls, we have something to satisfy your need for sustainable and modern luxury that will stand the test of time.

Carefully chosen home accessories are key to defining the zones within your home and give you the opportunity to create and accentuate your personal style. The finesse of your interior design scheme is in the detail, so follow your heart and choose your home decor accessories with love rather than following a trend. Choose pieces that reflect your personality and reflect the way that you live. Choose textures that instantly add visual interest to your space through the fabrics, materials and finishes that you choose – your accessories are more than just colour, they can provide a tactile experience as well as an aesthetically pleasing option and can give your room an instant lift. A more traditional interior design scheme can be updated through the introduction of contemporary home decor accessories, you don’t need to replace everything, just experiment with different colours and styles of wall art, paintings, copper bowls and unique ornaments until you hit the spot.

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