Banbayu have carefully selected these lighting options for you so that you can create the ambience that you desire within your home, but not at the expense of your interior design scheme. Our collection provides you with the ability to create an intimate atmosphere with our table and floor lamps, and our stunning array of pendant lights provide function and beauty.

A room’s lighting can dramatically change its ambience, and while it needs to be functional, it is a fundamental element in helping you create the atmosphere that you desire. However, function does not have to be more important than form, and our collection of lighting options ensures that you can have lights that support your activities but look fabulous too.

Updating your lighting makes a huge impact on your interior design scheme. Whether you choose our elegant handmade Indonesian copper pendant lights or the stunningly simplistic design of the Dutch Karven collection, all our lights are made with sustainable methods, support the local artisans who make them and are, most importantly, compliant with electrical safety legislation.

You need to contemplate the room’s flow of space, the tasks that you need the lighting for, and the natural light of the room. Take a layered approach to your lighting. Your room will benefit from having a variety of lighting options to illuminate it: uplighting makes a room feel larger, whereas low hung pendants create an illusion of height. Neutral lighter lamps open up your space, and lamps made from different materials can make a statement and be a stunning focal point for your room.