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Tribal Necklace | Banbayu

Tribal Necklace

Regular price £54.00


Handmade jewellery from resin

Country of origin: Thailand

designed by Siska Schippers

Zsiska, the renowned designer jewellery from Asia



Often ceremonial or religious in nature, tribal art is still vibrant in our community with so many displaying their affinity with this rudimentary art in a variety of ways. From permanent displays of body art to carefully crafted pieces of jewellery, the art form has had new life breathed into it from generation to generation.

It’s timeless essence can be seen in the simple and ritualistic designs of our Tribal Necklace. Once considered a display of savagery, it’s come to be identified as a significant cultural representation of our many peoples that share this world with us. 

A wholesome and outstanding piece, our Tribal Necklace gives it’s own contemporary take while honouring a true testament of time.

The necklace will resonate with those that want to celebrate their enterprising attitude. Stark and distinctive with it’s clean black lines etched into a faux bone backdrop, the Tribal Necklace will add a raw edge that’ll complement even the most elegant of outfits.