A picture speaks a thousand words.

At Banbayu, we are international interior design lovers and believe in this maxim. The value that you receive from any piece of art that you love is immeasurable – you cannot put a price on joy. Whether you get the most satisfaction from a sculpture that you love, a fabric that you have upholstered your sofa in, or simply a drawing your child did for you, if you could bottle the good feelings that you associate with it, you’d be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

Our collection of original paintings come from around the globe, and have been influenced by the differing cultures, colours, tones and materials that are available to the artist within the environment in which they live. Unless you are an art curator yourself, or even an artist, you may feel that buying art does not feel natural to you; on the contrary, buying art is the most natural thing: you must relax, and choose what you love and what inspires you. You may be surprised at what you like when you think about what you thought you liked. There are no hard and fast rules about how to buy art.

Our recent collaboration with artist Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal from South Africa has provided us with the opportunity to display his stunning paintings; not only is the artwork breath-taking but he uses the alchemy of a secret silver technique to enhance each painting further. Sénéchal-Senekal was awarded the Spotlight Artist of the Year at the New York Artexpo in 2017.