Wall Art

The art that you choose for your home is usually free from the constraints that you may have felt when selecting the colours for your walls and furniture in your home. It is your opportunity to be as irrational and eclectic with your choices as you wish. However, Banbayu have taken out the hard work and the time needed to source wall art and removed the risk of making an art curator faux pas by introducing you to the Transylvanian MINDTHEGAP collection of quirky designs and photography.

Our collection of wall art provides stunning accents of colour, content, and texture that unite to create a harmonious display that balances and complements your interiors design scheme. The images support the Banbayu ethos of expressing free spirit, travel, nature and pleasure, and include examples of abstract and contemporary art, vintage and tropical illustrations. The designs are bold and vibrant and use old photography, antique illustrations, vintage drawings and contemporary patterns to make a statement on your walls. This collection is enhanced with copper and brass accents that heighten the visual effect of the artwork for stylish and luxury interiors.

Banbayu takes a holistic approach to your interior design. The products that we offer to our customers are ethically sourced and sustainable. We don’t just approach our environmental impact holistically, but the designs that we provide too. We’re all about the natural flow of creativity, but we are aware that sometimes, some of us need a little more help than others, and so the wall art collection that we have curated, sits with balance and harmony with our wallpapers and lighting collections.

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