Wooden sunglasses

Just as your fingerprint is unique, so too is your pair of wooden sunglasses, lovingly crafted by South Africa’s Ballo. The natural lines in the wood are different in each pair that are produced by the local craftsmen. They truly are one way to make a serious style statement from recycled paper and off-cut timber – and that’s something which can rarely be said!

What better way to get ready for the warm, sunny months than with the perfect addition to any outfit? Our unique wooden sunglasses are unisex and compatible with all senses of style. The summer vibes that they emit mean that you can have a taste of summer all year round, safe in the knowledge that they have been made ethically while supporting the talented artisans who create them.

Our team of lifestyle experts have travelled the world to bring you the very best in sustainable and luxury products and have handpicked these for because of the quality of the protective polarized lenses and stylish design.