About us


Authentic and sustainable

Banbayu brings you a unique collection of handcrafted interior pieces from the world’s most diverse and remote cultures. Our aim is simple; to bring a touch of ethically-sourced luxury to every home.

Founded by Patrick, Steffen, and Roland, Banbayu evolved from a devotion to exploring the world’s cultures. Over decades of travelling every continent, we have curated an array of embroidery, jewellery, sculpture, and art pieces that encapsulate the spirit and vibrancy of their origin.

Every piece is handmade, inspired by its native country, and all material verified for cultural and ecological sustainability. Through charitable donations and ethical sourcing, we support the cultures and environments that help us share such exquisite pieces.


Banbayu Founders Collage


Take an adventure. Find something unforgettable. Welcome to Banbayu.
You can read more about our story and the origins of Banbayu here