Our ethical policy

As an environmentally and culturally sensitive organisation, we endeavour to identify and minimise the impact we have on the environment and the artists who help us share their creations. Sustainability is incredibly important to us and we expect all our suppliers to take the same care and responsibility for the environment and all its inhabitants.


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Regardless of its size or source, our suppliers endeavour to track every piece of wood they work with. Every piece comes from sustainable forests where its growth is carefully managed and authenticated by a certified organisation. Wherever possible we source recycled or reclaimed materials, including wood. Many of our exquisite lamps are built with driftwood, collected along the coasts and rivers of Indonesia by local villagers who sell it on to local artists and manufacturers.


Seashells and sand

Often giving an item its unique touch, seashells have been used in home decor for millennia. Many South Javanese villagers collect seashells and sand from local beaches and never from living reefs. Marine wildlife habitats are carefully monitored and managed to ensure no damage to the local ecosystem.




Much of our jewellery collection is made from resin, a versatile and durable material perfectly balanced alongside materials such as glass pearls and gold leaf. Our jewellery craftsmen source all their materials from local and sustainable sources.



Many Banbayu products are crafted in the hands of metalworkers. Whether silver inlay in a necklace or copper wiring in a lamp, all metal is extracted from sustainable reserves using environmentally safe methods. 




Mount Merapi, meaning Fire Mountain in Javanese, is Indonesia’s most active volcano. A mix of volcanic ash, silts, and sandstone lay alongside clay, which is collected by many local villages for ceramics. Many of our vases have been crafted with clay from Mount Merapi sustainably sourced directly by local communities who live alongside Fire Mountain. 



Cotton is a rich and versatile material in the hands of tapestry and fabric artists. We ask any supplier using cotton to verify that their cotton is grown naturally, without pesticides, and that money from cotton purchases flows back to the farming communities who grew and harvested the cotton plants.




Sustainability stretches far beyond the materials used to create our products.


Every Banbayu item from its creation to delivery at your door has been handled by our environmentally-conscious partners. You will not find styrofoam in our packaging, but you will find recycled paper keeping your items safe in transit. Our suppliers make efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of their lorries and many have cut out paper reports in favour of digital systems. More than just saving time and money, our suppliers commit to these initiatives because they share our belief that the planet is for everyone and should be preserved.