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Le Feu fireplaces represent finest Scandinavian design and are made from high quality materials. 

Being smoke free and and producing minimal amounts of CO2, which are comparable with a candle, the Le Feu fireplace is clean and environmental friendly.

All of our bio-ethanol fireplaces comply with European fire safety standards.

Le Feu Ground Steel


Le Feu fireplaces are all ready to use and easy to install. All models come with a step-by-step setup guide. There is no flue or chimney required which make the installation incredibly easy and smooth. 

The fireplaces use denatured ethanol also referred to as ethyl alcohol, bio ethanol or grain alcohol. This is sourced from natural products such as plants including corn, wheat, barley and sugarcane and is a safe, eco-friendly fuel. 

Le Feu Sky Fireplace


Whether you prefer a standing fireplace which can be easily moved around or a more permanent fixture with a hanging fireplace, all is possible with the Le Feu fireplaces. You can use the standing fireplace in winter indoors or on the terrace to enjoy warmer evenings on your terrace.

You can heat a room with around 20 sqm and 1.5 litre of bio-ethanol fuel last between 6 to 8 hours. These fireplaces are designed to truly suit any occasion.