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City Beads Green Necklace | Banbayu

City Beads Green Necklace


Sale price Regular price £17.99


Handmade jewellery from resin

Country of origin: Thailand

designed by Siska Schippers

Zsiska, the renowned designer jewellery from Asia



We call it the urban jungle and as such we pay tribute to the lush landscape that once stood where our metropolitan cities now stand. The City Beads Green Necklace offer a softer hue to the deep green canopies of rainforests and jungles of Thailand where this exquisite piece hails from. It’s lighter touch enfolds the development of it’s concrete and industrial heritage as much as the green foliage, a harmonious blend of both worlds as they dance along an adjustable slim lace. The slim lace, thoughtfully included leaves your neck bare, accentuating it even further. 

For the contemplative lady that appreciates a deeper insight to the intricacies in design, the City Beads Green Necklace will fulfil your desire for a profound accessory. Pair this light hearted ensemble with a playful dress or a serious blazer, it’s versatility transcends structure leaving you free to move from the rigours of the workplace to the evening dinner in a single swoop.