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Coppi Round Vase | Banbayu
Coppi Round Vase | Banbayu
Coppi Round Vase | Banbayu
Coppi Round Vase | Banbayu
Coppi Round Vase

Coppi Round Vase

Regular price £69.00


  • Handmade vase from copper
  • Country of origin: Indonesia
  • Available in three different sizes:
  • Small: width 15cm; height 15cm; length 15cm

    Medium: width 20cm; height 20cm; length 20cm

    Large: width 25cm; height 25cm; length 25cm


    Some of the best things in life come in threes: A bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich; a negroni with three spirits; a three-piece suit; Harry, Hermione and Ron; and three-legged races. Add to that list this set of three round copper vases (honestly, two just seems a bit off.)

    The trio is made with copper, a natural material that’s abundant and useful as it has healthy properties too – in fact copper is essential to all living organisms as a trace dietary mineral. And copper alloy has antimicrobial materials, its surface can destroy a wide range of microorganisms – which makes it ideal for a bowls and vases. Your plants will thrive in this set of round vases, which are polished in copper’s metallic reddish-orange colour, as well as a dramatic black. You can also use the trio as display items around the house as they are dramatic and delightful to look at.