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Damasco Earrings | Banbayu

Damasco Earrings

Regular price £26.00


Handmade jewellery from resin

Country of origin: Thailand

designed by Siska Schippers

Zsiska, the renowned designer jewellery from Asia



Brazen and bold, our Damasco Earrings are a statement piece that brings out the strong nature of a woman. It’s subtle lines amidst a tamer yellow are elegant enough to not be screaming, yet strong enough to assert an appeal. A quick glance reveals it’s tiger like pattern from the stark stripes to the graceful swirls. An homage to the Sumatran Tiger that was once the apex of lush South-East Asian rainforests, the Damasco Earrings are a reflection of it’s heritage.

Having been hand-crafted in South-East Asia, it captures the intensity of life for it’s early ancestors. Much like the rest of our early world, early people would don the colours and characteristics of the strong to emblazon themselves with similar attributes. With a softer approach however, our Damasco Earrings are an elegant approach to the lore of old. A bold piece, you’ll find it bringing life to a simple solid outfit.