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Luxor Vase | Banbayu
Luxor Vase | Banbayu
Luxor Vase | Banbayu

Luxor Vase

Regular price £139.00


Handmade vase from terra-cotta

Country of origin: Indonesia

Dimensions: width 32cm; height 80cm; length 32cm

This tall beautiful terra-cotta pot has more than just a functional use; it will also serve as a decorative piece as well. Note its glossy white finishing, a beautiful contrast to the original earthen terra-cotta material it came from. And the band at the rim gives the vase a certain Luxor style. The Luxor look brings to mind a more expansive Egyptian sensibility, but here the vase is striking because of its minimalism.

Its curves will help to soften any harsh corners in a room, while also adding a classy touch to the decorating scheme. Terra-cotta is a porous material, and though it can be water-proofed, it’s best to not use it to hold and liquids. As time passes though it will take on a seasoned patina, getting better as it ages.