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Pour Pilar de tout coeur Extrait n1 (Miro) | Banbayu

Pour Pilar de tout coeur Extrait n1 (Miro)

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Allow the creativity of Joan Miró’s vision to enter your world, and take pleasure in owning a part of his beautiful perspective. Born in Barcelona in 1893, Joan Miró was a perfect balance of an emotional and intellectual artist. Inspired by a life spent between France, the USA and his beloved native land of Spain and as an explorer of the physical and metaphysical world, Miró was also greatly influenced by the techniques and styles of modern Japanese masters. Undoubtedly one of the most influential artists of the 20th century who both mastered and propelled Surrealism to greater heights, Joan Miró achieved this by allowing us to travel through his deep subconscious mind, enriching our own lives in return.

Joan Miró was a famously private man, full of deep internal thoughts which he solely expressed through his art. He loved his country and remained deeply connected to his homeland of Catalonia, a region with a distinct and proud spirit, throughout his life. He loved his wife Pilar Juncosa Iglesias, the only woman he ever married and had one daughter with. Above all else, Joan Miró loved his art, it was his voice, his soul and his life. Pour Pilar de tout coeur Extrait n-¦ 1 and n-¦ 2 were the purest forms of a love tribute Miró could ever create for the most important woman in his life. Referring to his use of the colour blue, Miró was famously quoted as saying "ceci est la couleur de mes rêves" (this is the color of my dreams), his homage to his wife was rightfully created with the purity of this colour which provided him with the greatest peace of mind. Pilar was the centre of his universe and remained a source of a great internal strength for him until the day he died.

Licensed by the Miró Foundation, Jules Pansu cushions are tapestry woven cushions created in France. Each cushion has a woven tapestry front, complemented by a neutral fabric back.